xc brampton urban mission

Operating under the umbrella of Joshua Creek Church and lead by Pastor Sieg and Margit Pudel & team,  xc- urban mission is a small team of followers of Christ who live in the Brampton area.

We care about and advocate for the vulnerable, disadvantaged and those on the margins of life, come alongside those who are spiritually lost and seeking truth, support chosen community needs, mission projects (local, national, international), and network with other Christian friends and like-minded community organizations.

Our desire is to expand the Kingdom of God in very practical ways:

  • making & strengthening disciples of Jesus
  • helping to restore people's dignity
  • build up seeker's & other's faith and hope through God's love
  • being peace makers in the community
  • hospital outreach
  • caring about and for widows
  • caring about and for friends with special needs
  • networking with Regeneration Outreach Community regenbrampton.com
  • serving the disadvantaged & marginalized
  • Discipleship Healing Community*
  • Open Faith Community (monthly conversations, worship time, prayer, Scripture focus & lunch fellowship) @Pastor Sieg and Margit's
  • serving with Joshua Creek Church friends

We gather together as a team monthly to celebrate the goodness of God, share our discoveries, learn from the Scriptures, seek the Lord's wisdom through worship & prayer, support each other on our life & faith journey, and to dream with God, seeking to bring good to the city and the land.

For more  information contact:  smphope@interlog.com or 416-455-6814

Saturdays. 7-9 p.m. @
St. Leonard's Place Community Room,
1105 Queen St. E 
(1st driveway after 1 light E of Hwy.#410),
Brampton, Ontario

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