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I love to read. Friends who know me, know that I read a lot and widely. Next to learning from my mistakes and successes in life, reading is probably how most of my learning happens.  Metaphorically speaking, when I read, I feel like I'm drinking green tea with someone who has something interesting, insightful and helpful to convey about a particular subject that we have a mutual interest in.  Sometimes, after reading a blog or book, I email an author with a follow up question or comment, and to my surprise, even very busy and well known authors and world class scholars will often take the time to dialogue.

My intention in this part of JCC'S web is to make about one book recommendation each month and over time, cover a range of themes that are relevant to spiritual understanding, personal growth, and maturing in love. These are books that I have read and would be happy to discuss with anyone interested. Stating the obvious: I don't necessarily agree with everything in these books I am recommending, but certainly put them forward as stimulating resources for learning.

So here we go!

JUNE 2019

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